Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Two days before going home. (2 ngay nua la ve nha roi)

The German version will be published soon
So, I will have the second trip back home after a year living in Bkk. Am I happy?Not really. I leave my room with many things to worry about. It has been nearly three weeks since I finished the final exams, but it seems hard to start working again. The exams lasted in more than one month and it definitely made me exhausted. Once again, I realize that I am just such a kind of person who easily sastisfy with what he has done and with what he has archived.
I talked with my sister this morning, and she told me to relax. She does not know that I have been relaxing for more than two weeks. I understand that anyone would feel tired after he spent all his power, but I still have many things to be done.
Anyway, I am going back to my sweet home. I will eat the food cooked by my mother and have several talk with my father. Suddenly, I miss my dad, mom, my sisters and my home place. Mommy...Daddy... I'm coming home......
(Nhu vay la sau 1 nam song o Bangkok, toi lai sap co chuyen ve tham nha lan thu hai. Co le toi chang thay vui ve nhieu lam vi toi roi khoi can phong cua minh ma van con nhieu thu phai lo lang qua, thoi chang liet ke nhung dieu do ra day lam gi. Da gan 3 tuan troi qua ke tu khi ket thuc dot thi cuoi ky, ma den gio sao toi van cam thay cu ngai ngai the nao khi muon bat dau lam viec tro lai. Co le la do ky thi qua dai, trong hon 1 thang, va no da lay di toan bo suc luc cua toi. Nhu the nay, mot lan nua toi lai nhan ra rang toi cung chi la mot nguoi som hai long voi ban than minh, co le se chang lam duoc cai gi nen hon ca.
Toi chat voi chi toi sang nay, chi bao toi phai nghi ngoi di. Toi cu thay buon cuoi khi nghi chi ay noi the vi chi ay chang biet duoc toi da nghi ngoi suot hon 2 tuan nay roi. hi hi.. . Du hieu rang ai cung se giong minh thoi, can phai nghi ngoi mot chut sau khi da lam viec, nhung toi thi van con nhieu viec phai hoan thanh qua.
Du sao thi toi cung sap duoc ve nha roi, toi se an nhung mon an do me toi nau va sau do thi ngoi noi chuyen voi bo. Tu nhien cam giac nho nha, nho bo me, nho cac chi ua den. Bo oi, me oi... con sap ve roi day nay.......


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